Who Are We?

Meet the Dream Team

Patrick Milligan

I first became interested in being a DJ when I saw Paul Oakenfold live at the Sunshine theater. I fell in love with how his music was mixed and how it moved the whole crowd. I love being a wedding DJ because every weekend I get to see the love in the eyes of the newlyweds for each other and celebrating as two families become one. My ideal event would be in a huge ballroom with up lighting. I would have a big guest count and an awesome playlist. Everyone would be dancing and having the time of their lives. People often describe me as outgoing, the class clown, social butterfly, and loyal. A few of my favorite songs are “Man in the mirror” by Michael Jackson, “Get down” by Tiesto, or anything off the Tranceport album by Paul Oakenfold.

Tony Pacheco

My love for music combined with my ability to work a crowd helped me to build the confidence I need to be a great DJ! I love opening up a dance floor at weddings and events. You never know what will happen or who the best dancers will be until you open up the floor. It’s always fun to be surprised by guests and play music that will make their night one to remember.  My ideal event would include up lighting around the whole room in either blue or purple with New Mexican catered food and tons of fun, laughter, and dancing all night long. Other people tend to describe me as fun, outgoing, a go-getter, goal oriented, a goofball, and spontaneous. Some of my favorite songs are “Stay Close” by Flume, “November Skies” by Carnage, and “Come and See Me” by Drake Feat. The Party Next Door.

Mara Jaramillo

I have always had a deep love for music! I’ve always been interested in learning to DJ. I am also a certified wedding & event planner and love to plan and coordinate weddings and events. I love being part of someone’s special day! I like helping make awesome memories. No two weddings/events are ever the same, which keeps my job exciting and fun! My ideal wedding would be outdoors. One wedding I worked had tons of lanterns and tealights which gave such a beautiful glow. Inside the ballroom would be lots of up lighting to add to the overall ambiance. Of course, it would also include an amazing DJ because great music is crucial! Other people tend to describe me as happy, go lucky, and tell me I giggle a lot. I’ve been told I raise people’s morale because I laugh at all their jokes! I would say I’m passionate, fiery, hard working, and compassionate. Some of my favorite songs are “Cry to me” by Solomon Burke, “Surrender” by Cash Cash, and “Star” by the Roots.

Mandy Ellison

It really interests me how much work it takes to make an event perfect. I love that the guests are always having such an amazing time and I get to be a part of that. I also love that every wedding and event is different and unique. My ideal event would be a beautiful ballroom wedding with detailed lighting, dancing under the stars and on the clouds, and wonderful music flowing throughout the room. Most people say that I am very approachable and fun to be around. I have a special kindness that comes across instantly and I’m very down to earth. I am sweet, fun, and interesting. I love all types of music but my favorite songs are “Can’t help falling in love” by Elvis Presley, “Every time we touch” by Cascada, and anything by Fall out Boy.


Ron Chavez

Since I was young I listened to different DJ’s and radio personalities with these memorable voices who conveyed non-stop excitement and seemed to set the tone for hundreds of thousands of people and I wondered what it would be like to call myself one of them. My favorite part of a wedding or event would be seeing the reaction of the guests after they have spent all night on the dance floor. My ideal event would have lots of lighting that would be synchronized to music. Most people tend to describe me as outgoing, down to earth, unafraid to be goofy, creative, original, knows his music, and knows how to read a crowd. A few of my favorite songs are “Smooth Operator” by Sade, “One for my Baby” by Frank Sinatra, and “Forever for now” by Harry Connick Jr.

Toya Milligan

I love to interact with people and I love to make people’s night amazing! I love to be around people who are happy! My favorite part about weddings and events is seeing smiling faces. I love to see how happy guests are at the end of the night. I know I did my job right when they are thanking me at the end of the week and telling me how much fun they had! My ideal event would be high energy, everyone having fun. It would include lots of people dancing, picture taking, people laughing and just enjoying themselves. Most people would say that I’m passionate, dedicated, fun to be around, and organized. I love anything upbeat and songs that I can relate too. I love to listen to Britney Spears, anything new top 40s, and I love upbeat country like “Dirt Road Anthem” by Jason Aldean and “Honey Bee” by Blake Shelton.

Kristin Chapapas

I developed a love for preforming in high school. I have a background in classical music so DJ and Emceeing is a marvelous fit for me. My favorite thing about events is being able to pick that perfect song that makes everyone get up and dance. It’s such a great feeling to see everyone so happy and to know that I made their night a little more special. My ideal event would include a DJ booth with green and white uplighting, dance lights, and a hardwood dance floor. It would have salmon or chicken with plenty of roasted greens and many small dessert options like macaroons, small pies, petit fours, and so on. My music would include various swing music because I love to swing dance. People often describe me as organized, responsible, and friendly. I’m nice but can also be strict. I like things to go according to plan but I can adjust on the fly when they don’t. Some of my favorite songs are “Photograph” by Ed Sheeran, ”
“Zoot Suit Riot” by the Cherry Poppers, and “Ho Hey” by the Lumineers.

Kama Kestell

I’ve always loved art and music. Photography became the medium I use to share how I see the world with others. I’ve photographed many weddings and I especially love the reception when all the formalities are finished and people can just relax and have a good time! I love weddings and events that are unique! I love the romance, the details, the celebration, and the laughter I get to see in each event. My ideal event would include a wedding planner for sure because they help everything to run smoothly, it would have either a spring or autumn theme and be lots of fun. There would most definitely have to be a dance party and great entertainment! Other people describe me as creative, fun, sweet, and caring. I have a lot of favorite songs and they tend to change in different seasons but they are often upbeat and cheerful. My current jams are “Catch & Release” by Matt Simons (Deepend Remix), “Lush Life” by Zara Larsson, and “Sit Still, Look Pretty” by Daya just  to name a few. I also love anything you can swing dance to!