Weddings DJ

Our Dream Is To Allow You To Relax And Live In The Moment On Your Wedding Day Because You Know That All The Entertainment Details Are Taken Care Of!

That Sounds Wonderful! But How Can You Make That Promise?

  • We will provide you with a knowledgable and professional Entertainment Specialist who will work with you to personalize your wedding day
  • We will help you plan every aspect of your wedding weekend and problem solve the dayof
  • We are always available to respond quickly to your questions or changes you make
  • We will share our extensive knowledge of weddings with you and help you make connections with other professional vendors for all other aspects of your wedding

Planning A Wedding Can Be Hard!
So We’ve Made Planning Your Entertainment Easy!

  • You will be able to make an online wedding playlist and add songs any time day or night
  • You may give your online account to friends and family so they may add songs to your playlists as well
  • You can make a “Must Play List” and a “Do Not Play List”
  • You can make updates and changes to your wedding timeline any time you want
  • You can access Dream Factory Productions wedding tips, trends, info, and examples
  • Our DJs will add to your playlist based on similar artists and sounds to ensure you like all the music we play

Here’s What That Looks Like:

Your Dream Factory Productions wedding experience begins by meeting your DJ(s) who learns what your wedding vision is. With their experience, they can work with you to bring your dreams to life.

Using our local industry knowledge we can also guide you to other vendors who will fit your style. With the help of your DJ, your wedding planning will begin to feel a whole lot easier!

Once your Online Account is activated, you will be able to listen to and select the music you want played at your wedding. Our interactive planning forms make it easy to arrange the order of each event exactly the way you want it. Your Online Account makes it easy to customize your wedding to fit your style and personality.

About a month before your wedding, you and your DJ will meet again in our office over cookies and coffee. We will discuss the personalization, timeline, and flow of your wedding. Your DJ will visually take you through the entire wedding from the beginning of the ceremony to the end of the reception to ensure that you are understanding each other fully and there will be no surprises. You will feel the weight lifted off your shoulders as the planning and organizing is all transferred into the skilled hands of your DJ.

On your wedding day, Dream Factory Productions will work in a team of two and will look after every wedding detail. Your Entertainment Specialist will emcee and direct each event, keep guests informed, work with your bridal party, prep those giving toasts, and work with your other vendors for seamless transitions. This will free up your DJ to focus on playing the right music at the right time with no distractions. Your wedding will unfold exactly as you envisioned and you and your guests will have the night of your lives!

But don’t just take our word for it…